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Saint Elmo's Tourism is a full service tourism consultancy and international marketing agency. Our core competencies are tourism expertise, data-driven marketing, local presence and effective communication along the entire tourism value chain. We advise, plan, design, promote and communicate brands in tourism. We sail under the flag of Saint Elmo's as tourism marketing specialists in the House of Tourism of the Serviceplan Group.


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Saint Elmo's Tourism:

The Team

We are a young, dynamic team of creative minds and passionate tourism enthusiasts who specialise in developing unique and memorable tourism projects.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are familiar with all aspects of tourism marketing, from strategy development to creative implementation. We love to challenge ourselves and be creative. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to achieve the best for our clients. Our 55 employees in our offices in Berlin, Freiburg, Hamburg, Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Villach, Vienna, Zurich & Milan take care of our clients' needs.


We work with our customers on an equal footing. Our work is focused, visionary, reliable and sales-boosting. Always at the cutting edge. The core competencies of our tourism marketing agency are Strategy & Brand, Creative & Experience, Media & Campaign, Content & Data and Cooperation & Collaboration.

Strategy & Brand

We have a clear attitude: we create atmospheres and experiences in which guests become temporary locals. Tourism professionals will guide you in the direction of your marketing, emotional positioning and narratives.

Media & Campaign

Experienced media experts design and plan cross-media campaigns with a high level of tourism expertise. Dedicated project managers implement them reliably. Dashboard analysis optimises your success.

Creative & Experience

International creative & experience planners with tourism expertise design products, attractions, open spaces, campaigns and communications. With interdisciplinary expertise and a healthy dose of creative competence.

Content & Data

Excellent content and data-driven marketing are the order of the day. Digital masterminds, agile data strategists and enthusiastic social & content specialists work for you. We often act as an external marketing department.

Cooperation & Collaboration

Triangular relationships are our strength. The search for synergies and the opportunity to create new connections unleashes unimagined energy.

Beyond Sustainability

We stand for sustainable development and a regenerative future in tourism. We operate in accordance with global sustainability standards in all areas of our portfolio.


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