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The objective was and still is to launch a long-term campaign that will showcase the Oberstdorf brand in an innovative way on a large scale and contribute to strengthening the company's image. By means of Digital Out of Home, a high reach is to be achieved through attention-grabbing and emotional moving images in everyday situations.


To strengthen the image of the destination Oberstdorf within Germany, the campaign idea "Heimweh nach Oberstdorf" was born in 2014 with the simple message "Lust an Urlaub in den Bergen".


Over the last 5 years, the Heimweh campaign has been placed on new, innovative and attention-grabbing Digital Out of Home areas: From AdWalks, six square meter Full HD screens at airports, to City Light posters with a concrete action request via QR code, to passenger TV in subways, Mall- & Taxi channels as well as station videos on subway tracks.

In addition to the selection of OOH areas in waiting areas and a target-oriented playout, the extension of the complete out-of-home campaigns via location-based marketing will also be a focus. In this way, the people who are most likely to have seen the outdoor advertising can be marked and addressed once again with suitable online advertising media in apps. With the Heimweh DOOH campaigns, a very high reach was built up and the Oberstdorf brand was quickly anchored in the minds of the target group.

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